Word Game Deluxe

Word Game Deluxe 1.0

Play the game and find all the displayed words on the game board

The rules of this game are very simple: you should find on the game board all the words that are displayed to the left of it. To mark each found word, you need to click its first letter on the game board and then drag the displayed oval over the word to the last letter.

The program contains three types of games – quest, sprint and relaxing games. The quest and sprint games contain a timer but it counts time down only in the quest game, so this type can be more challenging to check your resistance to stress and speed of reaction. Relaxing game can be one of the three offered sizes – small, large and extra large. But at first when the game board appears you may find it inconvenient to look at it because the displayed letters are rather small and are very close to each other, which makes it quite difficult to distinguish them. But as soon as you get involved in the game, you get used to it. The whole game process is accompanied by music which is rather calm but it is a matter of taste, for some users may find it light and relaxing and others, on the contrary, may regard it as annoying and disturbing. As for me, I was very glad to find the sound off option because the music distracted my attention from the game. The program also provides a random theme but this option is available in the relaxing game only. If you don’t want to play the random game and select another type, the program will then offer you a list of 16 themes to choose, ranging from music and cinema to mathematics and astronomy. This wonderful program can serve as a perfect assistant in developing concentration of attention, diligence and speed of reaction and of course, it will bring you enjoyment and fun!

Elena Udina
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Review summary


  • Simple rules
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Quest, sprint and relaxing games
  • 16 themes to choose from


  • Letters are rather small
  • Background music may be annoying
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